Why Use Us?


We have a long and distinguished track record of delivering excellent outcomes in client projects.

We are impartial and fiercely independent of the influence of any equipment manufacturer or service provider.

Each recommendation we make is specific to that client situation.

Wherever possible we incorporate a transition element to the programme so that in-house resources can be actively involved as we deliver working towards a nominated handover milestone.

In our clients interests and with full consultation, we are always prepared take responsibility for the tough and unpopular decisions that are sometime necessary to ensure services perform optimally.

Examples of real client benefits:


Initiative Benefit - 'cashable' savings Fee Multiplier

Flexible working transformation

Full technology refresh & consolidation of property £500K per annum Opex and £5M Capex avoidance

£120k n/a

Communications review for London NHS Trust

Cost savings from contract optimisation - £57,000

£10,000 5.7

Local Council Data Centre - right sizing

Introduced the idea of reusing and extending current facility meeting business requirements - £80,000

£8000 10

Local Council IP Telephony procurement

Through re-tendering, cost reduction from £1M to £400K - £600K saving over 5 years

£20,000 30

Contact centre process optimisation

30% saving in agent time - £87K per annum saving

£4,000 21

WiFi implementation - design review

Original budget £120K - solution procured at £65K exceeding all requirements - £55K saving

£6,400 8.6