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Case Study - London Borough of Redbrige


Working with the CIO and ICT Services team, I lead the definition a unified communications strategy.  Initially I captured details of the current technologies deployed and the associated contracts and their capex and opex costs.  In liaison with various colleagues we then brought together a statement of requirements which was soft market tested to understand the range of solutions available and indicative costs. This background work led to the development of a business case indicating the opportunity to save £100,000 per annum by removing the multiplicity of connections, rationalising mobile costs and implementing Unified communications technologies to support the flexible working initiatives planned.

The council decided to initiate a tender for all three elements of the solution and our procurement strategy work indicated that the newly emerging Crown Commercial Services framework RM1045 would deliver a best value solution. Therefore in consultation with the procurement team and CCS we prepared the required specifications and tender management documents.

Though the primary focus of the project is delivering savings and business efficiencies, it is anticipated that the solution will provide a more resilient and reliable platform able to accommodate a wide variety of functions up to and including real-time video calls.

This initiative aligns with other transformative projects that are under way to ensure a more agile service delivery with a lower cost base.