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Case Study - JSCSC - Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

This highly prestigious PFI asset is used to educate the senior officers in all of the armed forces and as a strategic venue for visits from politicians and military strategists from around the World.  It has extensive IT media broadcast and Audio Visual presentation facilities including 8 theatres & 70 syndicate / conference rooms.  Normally operating at ‘Restricted – High’, the Defence Academy regularly undertakes interactions at a ‘Secret’ level of information security.  My initial commission was to review elements of the Project Agreement and Service Provider Contract, which relate to the technology refresh process.  

The purpose of the review was to explore the options available to the client and comment on the most effective strategy going forward.  The selected option was a transition from periodic to condition based asset refresh and a methodology was delivered for the service provider to use.  


Arising from the success of this commission, I was invited to create the output specification for the facilities and monitor / manage the delivery of its recommended approach with periodic independent reviews. I also conducted a review of the service which uses archived military video recordings and newly recorded content at broadcast quality to create simulated situations which the military leaders must evaluate as a part of their training for strategic decision making.