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Case Study - Adur & Worthing Councils


The Councils ‘New Ways of Working’ programme was a business transformation driven by the opportunity to dispose of property assets valued at £10,000,000 and to drive £400,000 annual savings through better utilisation of the property assets.  The team highlighted at feasibility stage that the resolution of a great number of technology challenges would be key to the success of the programme.  After contributing to the feasibility work, I was initially involved in the role of ICT Programme Manager.  The client agreed to expand my role to include all technologies for Face to Face customer service, Contact Centre and desktop computing putting me in an Interim Management role. I led the council IT, Legal and Procurement teams through a ‘fast-track’ process of design, selection, procurement and managed the implementation of the technologies and changes to policy and business process.  

Items included:
New Data Centre, Replacement LAN, Replacement Fibre network, Passive infrastructure for new build, Wi-Fi for all buildings, Multi-function devices and print management, EDRMS enhancements, Cloud based Unified Communications, Desktop Virtualisation programme, Workstation equipment, Access control, CCTV, Digital Signage, Queue Management, Meeting room Audio Visual & Meeting room Booking


I secured an additional commission to undertake a critical friend review of the contact centre operation.  This involved observations and measurements of all types of interaction as well as the time taken and complexity involved.  I recommended process and systems modifications which were implemented almost immediately. The changes removed several unnecessary process steps resulting in a saving of more than 14% of the average call handling time.  This enabled the centre at last to meet its targets and provide a much improved service, as well as improving the morale of the team.